Fall is in the air

Golden sunshine, cool crisp air,  the sound of leaves being shuffled around by the wind and smells of pumpkin spice.  Yep, fall is in the air.   Every year for the past 10 or more years,  Ive caught the sight of a giant gapped tooth pumpkin on the corner of Tierra Rejada and old Moorpark Road pointing to Underwood Farms Fall Harvest Festival and Monster Corn Maze.  Now, as much as Ive always thought “I have to check that place out”, Ive never really had a reason.   Needless to say that now I have a reason for everything, which includes several trips to the Underwood Farms.

This October Nelson and I decided to kick off the season with some fall festivities.  We packed up our little one and drove a whopping 4 miles, past the giant gapped tooth pumpkin on the corner to the farm.  As soon as we got out of the car the three of us were giddy and anxious to get inside.  Wowie, this place is huge!  Where do we begin?  Well, we started off by introducing Amelie to some small pumpkins.  She was quite thrilled to be surround but things she could just pick up and carry around.    So much to see, taste, touch and smell!  Speaking of touch and smell….we had to stop and visit the billy goats.    Amelie was apprehensive at first.  In fact she was crying.  Like most things, it just took some time for her to observe, asses and adapt.   Once adjusted she was brushing the goats and calling them “Baaaa” which is what she calls her dog, Bentley.

So that was nice.  But she still wasn’t quite relaxed and warmed up to the busy and noisy environment so we decided to bribe her with a fruit smoothie and a train ride.   Of all the interesting things we did that day, simply having her very own smoothie in a big girl cup was a big to do.   She carried it everywhere and had to make stops to readjust.

The day wouldn’t be complete without some pumpkin hunting, so we trekked off to the sea of pumpkins.   She still insisted on carrying her (now empty) big girl smoothie cup.  I was able to exchange it for a pumpkin.  Trickery is one of Mom’s trusty tools.   By now Amelie was finally getting down with the festivities.  She was off and running, laughing, talking and banging on every pumpkin.  We even got some great shots of Franken-lie and Ghost-lie.

Since she was on a roll we set her loose in the Labyrinth built of corn stalks and chased on another around and around and after we caught a puppet show with singing chickens and Amelie clapped right along.  Still going, we let her loose on the playgrounds where I will never forget her beautiful smiles and bubbly giggles while playing peek-a-boo with Dada on the train.    One of her favorites was exploring the giant tunnels with Mom and Dad cheering her on, on each side.   She would get almost to Dada, and turn around run to Mama, stop short and back towards Dada.  I thought we’d never her out of there.  Finally, we had to conquer the pyramid of hay barrels.  Lead by Dada, she powered up like a champ in now time, and celebrated at the top…on Dad shoulders, with her arms in the air as if she knew she was Queen of the hill.  Such a little character.

Well, Mom and Dad were pooped….I mean Amelie was pooped…so it was time to go.  Some much still left to be discovered, and so many more reasons to come back!  This day was one of my favorite family days.  Just good old fashioned fun, with our little Montley crew in the comfort of our own hometown.

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