Parenting is so much fun.  Here is a hint, you have to be okay with messes.  In fact they are not messes at all, but simply evidence of a good time.  I was enjoying an oreo ice cream sandwich when Amelie locked her attention onto what I had in my hand.  “Wa-is-aah?”  I could answer, that is my ice cream sandwich, but that is just ridiculous because once she asks what it is, it is already hers.  So the correct response is, “oh why, this is your dessert”.

Apparently she LOVED it.   She started out by slowly savoring each bite and sat in silence as to honor her amazing find.   I can only guess that at some point she felt the only way to get all of it was to force it into her face.

20131122_184521(0)20131122_182956 _DSC1268_DSC1258




2 thoughts on “Dessert

  1. lol. this is sooooo funny.
    Blog hint: most trollers only come to look at photos. only people who TRULY love you (like me) will actually read what you write. You should do a monthly quiz!

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