Visiting Moorpark Zoo


Recently we took a trip to America’s Teaching Zoo nestled in our home town.   The Zoo is on campus of Moorpark College a top a hill overlooking all of Moorpark.  I remember when I was young and our early morning weekend soccer games were played on the field just below the Zoo, we could hear the animals getting worked up as it was their feeding time.  An interesting memory, warming up for soccer on a misty cool Saturday morning, to the backdrop of lion’s roaring, exotic birds squealing and monkeys jabbering.    I even took animal anatomy and physiology classes at the Zoo in my college days.

This was Amelie’s first trip to a zoo and we were accompanied by Uncle Jared, Papa and my best friend Delanie joined us with her son Jacob.  If you haven’t been, you should definitely visit at least once.  Just ease of access, quaint calm and inviting setting and intimate zoo space is enough to make it a family favorite.  Not to mention admission is $8 – $12 and kids under 2 are free.

We watched 3 feedings and demonstrations which goes on through out the day.   We met an alligator who was brought to the zoo after he out grew is habitat in someones bathtub, the dainty Serval and a most talented and crowd pleasing Hyena with his over 70 tricks.    Unfortunately we missed their live animal shows but all the more reason to come back on another lovely afternoon.

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