Origami Owl Necklace 1 & 2


Mommy Living Locket

I just love these!  I bought two of them at my first party, one for myself and one for my oldest friend just in time for her birthday.    However, it took me a week to settle on a design!  I only wish I caught onto Origami Owl before my Pandora spree, because those suckers are pricey.   Since my bestie and I have two little ones, I decided to design Mommy lockets.  To make mine a little different and a lot personal, I added a small photo of Amelie.


Locket 1:

  • large gold locket
  • gold rolo chain
  • vintage flower
  • gold A initial for Amelie
  • Amelie’s and my birthstones

Locket 2:

  • medium rose gold
  • rose gold ball station chain
  • silver D initial
  • mother and son birthsones


4 thoughts on “Origami Owl Necklace 1 & 2

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