DIY Bumble Bee Costume

How to make toddler bumble bee costume

Even though this was Amelie’s second Halloween, I consider it her first since she can actually participated in trick or treating this year and caught on quite quickly to the concept.  It only took a few houses before she was pointing into her candy basket to make sure everyone knew where to put the candy.

cute family bumble bee halloween costume

Bumble Bee Suit  I wanted to keep her costume simple, and classic.  It was down to a baby bumble bee or Pebbles Flintstone and Daddy voted for Bumble Bee so, there you go.   My goal was to make as much of her costume myself as I could.   First I found a Pottery Barn Bumble Bee costume on Craigslist for $15 (originally a $50 costume so I was stoked) .   The one thing it was lacking was a stinger and none of the similar costumes I saw actually came with one so I had to add it myself, which as easy.  After all, no little bee is complete without her stinger.   One styrofoam shaped cone from Michaels or JoAnnes and an 8×11 sheet of self adhesive black felt and you have a mighty little bee stinger.

Wings   I did away with the standard wings that came with the Pottery Barn costume and made new ones from glitter tulle that I purchased for less than $2 from a little ETSY shop called Shades of Glory Fabrics .   Making the wings from tulle is just the same as making a tutu.  I basically cut the tulle in random strips between 6″ and 18″ long, paired two strips of the same size together and tied them in a knot around the base – which in this case was a single pipe cleaner.   Sounds funny but it made real sense since I had them on hand, and it was easy to tie around the buttons on the back of the costume, securing them in place.  Lastley, I cut the strips as needed to give added shape.  Vuala, wings.

Antenna Headband   From Michaels craft store I purchased a bag of black glitter pipe cleaner (Note: I was almost impossible to find black pipe cleaner during the Halloween season and it took 4 stops to actually find it in stock) a set of gold puffs, and a black headband from Amelie’s collection.     Since I had plenty of supplies I made a few antennas until I came up with shape I liked best.   To get the perfect spiral shape I just wrapped the pipe cleaner around the handle of my duster  (depending on the size you want, there are plenty of household objects you can use)  and trimmed the length down to a more proportionate size for a toddler.  The best adhesive to use for this is a hot glue gun, which worked perfectly to add the puffy ball tips and secure the antennas to the headband.   In the end it took about 15 minutes to put together, and I even made a matching set for myself.

Honey Pot  What little worker bee would be complete with out a pot of honey to show for it, or in this case, a pot of candy!    Truthfully I didn’t think to make one until I was shopping at the craft store for other costume accessories and came across a pile of baskets on sale.   I picked this one out for about $3 and grabbed embellishments from the scrapbooking section.    The basket was another 15 minute project, since all I had to do was hot glue HONEY on both sides and speckle it with little bee stickers.   Done and done.  (I saved the remainder of the bee stickers to add to Daddy’s bee keeper netting. Dont think he was getting out of dressing up with us too)

suit – $15
tulle for wings – $1.69
materials for matching antennas – $5
basket and embellishments – $7
yellow duck tape – $4
set of styrofoam cones – $7
adhesive felt – $1.50
Matching Bumble Bee Costumes = about $40

diy bumble bee halloween costume DIY toddler halloween costume diy bumble bee costume wings how to make kids bumble bee costume cute baby halloween costume honey-pot-candy-basket homemade halloween costume making a bumble bee costumeBottom line, I had a lot of fun working on this and it was easy.  My goal is to make our family themed costumes each year, if God is willing!  I am always on the look out for great DIY costume tutorials so feel free to share ideas.

One thought on “DIY Bumble Bee Costume

  1. Is there any possible way you could go into more detail about the wings? My daughter is only 5 months old and i doubt store bought wings would work for her and i love your method, just want to make sure i did it right.

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