Lily’s Petting Zoo Birthday Party

Having life long friends is a blessing.  Watching our children play together is priceless.   This December Amelie and I took a road trip together up Nor Cal to visit one of my oldest friends, Jessica, and celebrate her daughters 8th birthday party with a plethora of family and friends.   I was thrilled to be there and even more so to see her Mom, Dad, and Aunt Nini who shook their heads at careless hell raising adolescent versions of Jessica and I so many years ago.

Despite the winter season, the weather was perfect and the day was long.  Lily’s birthday theme was Zoolicious and we were treated to a petting zoo, pony rides, face painting, games and food.  Sounds like a party to me.

The kids were all so well behaved around the animals and surprisingly the animals were just as pleased to play with the kids.  Amelie has pets of her own, a large dog and little kitty cat, whom she has learned to love and pet gently so I wasn’t surprised with her delicate demeanor towards the tiny bunnies and needy piglets.  As for the twin goats, those two were trouble and mostly wrestling with one another.   I even got some kisses on the cheek from one.    The Mr and Mrs Piggies were determined to shack up in anyone’s lap and stay as long as they were invited.     One of the small hens took flight and landed on Lilys head for a premium view of the party.    We had a great time and partied like animals.  Kudos to Jessica for throwing such a cute shindig.

petting-zoo-goat petting-zoo-chickens billy-goats petting-hens amelie-hens goat-tease silly-goat pony-ride amelie-goat piggy-lap bunny-in-lap amelie-bunny-top amelie-bunny

As for these girls, they were three amigos.   Amelie was quite charming with Lily and Analese.   Im not sure who adopted who for the weekend, but they all went with it.


To sum it all up

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