The Refill Shoppe


Ever transfer contents of one bottle into another, or want your own perfect sent for your hair products or body lotion?   I know a place for that, The Refill Shoppe.  I love this spot.  It is the ultimate example of BYOB, bring your own bottle. 

Interesting enough, I discovered this place on the evening of my bachelorette party where we had a private party after hours.   Throw in some mimosas, a spread of food and cake, and of course scandalous games and it was a blast.

So basically what you do here is bring in your empty container of soap, detergent, lotion or any liquid substance you can think of, and refill it with your product of choice.  The bonus is that you can design any scent your little nose desires using their abundant supply of oils.  So in essence it is a hybrid of recycling and apothecary.    

Here is how it works:

  1. Bring in your empty bottle, or pick one out from their collection
  2. Fill the bottle with the product of your choice
  3. Mix and match oils creating your own scent
  4. Pay per ounce
  5. Enjoy!

oil-roll-on mixing-oils essential-oils-zoom essential-oilslotion-oilsscented-lotion product-bag

Dont have a bottle to recycle? No problem.  They have a very enticing selection of containers from plastic spray bottles to glass spray atomizer.    Personally, I love to collect their decorative bottles and fill it up with yummy smelling stuff.   I have body lotions, roll on oils,perfume, after shave for the hubs in Plum Tea, Violet, Green Tea, Champagne & Ylang Ylang and Amelie has her own lotion scented with Plumeria, Wild Orange, Pomegranate, Coconut Fresh & Mango.   

perfume-atomizer-sprayall-refill-bottlessmall-containers decorative-glass-containers glass-bottles painted-glass-jar refill-bottles

You would think that there are only a handful of items you could actually use, but once you walk in you are overwhelmed with the selection of products including things Ive never seen in any Bath and Body Works or beauty section of my favorite convenient store, like their Pink Himalayan Bath Salts, or Sea Kelp and Aloe Bath Soak

Refillable Products:
Shampoo / Conditioner
Hair serum or spray
Shower gel, bubble bath, hand soap
Body or spray lotion
Face cleaner, astringent or toner
Shave oil and aftershave
Massage oil
Dog shampoo
Dish and dishwasher soap
Kitchen, bath, glass or all purpose cleaner
Laundry detergent, oxy boost, borax
Bath salts, epsom and sea salts
Sea kelp and aloe bath soak
Baby powder, shampoo and bodywash, bubble bath and lotion
Bath bombs
Hand sanitizer
Glitter gel
Hair detangler
Mud mask, facial scrub, acne soak…

soaps rock-soap reusable-bags bath-product-display refill-products cleaner-refill refill-containers refill-powder
kids-play-station magnet-board

And what respectable shop would be complete without a kids corner complete with an endless supply of magnet board, toys, books, and a race car runway.  Amelie happily plopped herself down in this spot while I had a chance to get refill my lotions and oils and choose new combinations of scents.   I love florals and I get to mix my very own potion of Gardenia, Plumeria, Fig and Black Tea.  The Refill Shoppe is an environment friendly retail store that feels more like you are splurging on your favorite spoils.  Ultimately they have refilled close to 10,000 bottles, saving that many from being thrown away and also keeping $ in your pockets since you are only buying the product here and not the packaging every time you need more.


The Refill Shoppe
363 E Main St
Ventura, Ca 93001
Open 10am – 6pm everyday

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