Sew Your Own Owl Pillow


owl-sew-kitThis was a fun little project.

I picked up this Sew-Your-Own Flastie Mini Cushion Owl Kit on the $5 shelf at Michael’s.    I thought, what a cute stocking stuffer for Amelie and instant gratification for me.  Of course being the sucker I am I gave it to her the next morning instead of waiting until Christmas.   Ugh, who can say no to that face.

The box comes with everything you need and is geared for children so its very simple to make with no fuss.  It turned out to be quite a soft little pillow and Amelie gets good use out of it.   I put it together while watching a movie on the couch so it took no more than two hours to stitch up and stuff..   Right after,  I ended up buying a similar kit by American Girl Crafts: Bulletin Board for my friends 8 year old daughter since she is into crafts and these kits are so convenient with everything you need being included.



Next I would really like to put more time into a real sewing project.  I found some great ideas on pinterest and etsy, of course, for stuffed owl pillows.

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