Painting Wine Glasses


I like to make gifts if I can.  For Christmas I wanted to make a set of personal drinking glasses for my brother and sister in law who love wine and beer.   They also have a beautiful credenza so whether they used them or not, I knew it would still make a nice display.  With a little help from the hubs, we actually whipped these up the night before Christmast and all it took was Martha Stewart Craft’s: italic alphabet stencil kitacrylic glass paints from Michael’s and and two sets of plain glasses from Target (you can use any brand you like, I just happen to prefer Martha Stewart Crafts).  I chose two designs to alternate on the glasses, both featuring B for the last name Barahona.    Once I had my colors and designs picked out the next steps were easy.


  1. apply adhesive stencil to clean glass
  2. lightly dab a few coats of paint over stencil with foam dauber
  3. peel stencil while paint is wet
  4. let dry and repeat.  Rinse adhesive stencil and brush in between each application
  5. bake to cure: place in cool oven and set to 350 degrees for 30 mins

you can find a more detailed glass painting tutorial here

We decorated ceramic coffee mugs with Amelie’s handprints using the same acrylic paints, which I will post shortly.  Check out more great ideas and inspirations for glass painting projects on my Pinterest board below:


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