10 Things About Amelie in January

  1. If you didn’t already know, then this would qualify as a new fact; Amelie was 7 weeks premature and spent one month in NICU, but don’t worry she was actually healthier than Mom.   The NICU nurses were in love with Amelie.
  2. Her words in some sort of order are: “Uh-ooh”, “Bentley”, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Papa”, “What is that”, “Thank you”, “bye-bye”, “baby”
  3. Favorite eats are bananas, raisins, goldfish, string cheese, and meat…she is very much a meat eater.
  4. She cannot live without her Leapfrog picnic basket, Leapfrog My Puppy Pal Violet, and a sippy cup full of Vitawater.
  5. She is a creature of habit and sticks to routines.  The magic position to put her to sleep is a blanket,  My Puppy Pal Violet (who plays nighttime lullabies), and her bottle.  Works like a charm.  He daily schedule is very dependable.
  6. Mama is still in demand ❤ She is very insistent on our night time ritual.  Snuggles in my bed watching the The Goodnight Show on Sprout or Mommy catches up on RealHouse Wives.  This is by far my favorite time with Amelie…just the two of us quietly hanging out…whispering giggles…playing with fingers and toes.
  7. Amelie a little animal lover.  She is extremely loving and sensitive with Bentley and Angel and I was so impressed with her gentle demeanor while handling little bunnies at a petting zoo .   Our cat has never been fond of children but will let Amelie pet her and get down on all fours to kiss her on the nose.
  8. She insists on doing things herself.  Big girls use utensils, brush their own teeth and clean up messes – according to Amelie.
  9. OMG she has discovered how to make faces and it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.  I can prompt her by saying “Whoooooaaaa!” and she will respond with a very dramatic pull back, head shake, and discombobulated face.
  10. She loves to organize.  It is entertaining to watch but also frustrating when she decides to unpack everything in her dresser drawers or my nightstand


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