Well, even though the title of this post is clearly Super Bowl, I can’t write much about it because in all honesty I didn’t pay attention to a minute of it.    And that is perfectly fine with me because for one, it was a disappointment of a game, and secondly, I was more interested with three little munchkins reeking havoc.  Now let me explain because my definition of reeking havoc is anything but trouble.  These little ladies played their hearts out painting the windows with colored shaving cream, drawing on the patio with jumbo chalk sticks, singing Lady Gaga on Ameiie’s Hello Kitty Karaoke machine, taking turns rolling on the yoga ball, building forts in the living room, watching Epic on Disney, role playing in Amelie’s kitchen and diving into the bean bin.  Keep in mind this was all in a few hours.

It brought me pure joy just to have a house full of kids laughing and playing in complete content, and even more so to watch Amelie play along side the older girls so peacefully and fully engaged.    I could care less about the mess because to me its all evidence of a good time.   I feel like these girls partied harder than us adults.

Super Bowl is usually at time for socializing, BBQ’ing, drinking, yelling and all that fun free spirited adult stuff.  It has been a strong tradition in my life and was going strong even early on in my pregnancy (minus the drinking of course).   Its so intriguing to me how normal things in your life change when you have kids.  Or maybe change isn’t the right word because I dont want to insinuate they are gone, or things aren’t the same, because that isn’t true.   All those great things, such as super bowl are still thriving, but just modified and if you ask me, are even better now.  I guess I can say it is our role that changes.  Instead of plopping on the couch for 4 hours I am on my toes, or hands and knees keeping up with the little ones.  But it is so much fun.  Its like having the best of both worlds, between hanging with the adults and having great conversations while shoving chips and hot wings in your face…and playing on the floor chasing rug rats as they run circles through the tunnels they built out of blankets and pillows or watching them sing and dance with Lady Gaga.

Im pretty sure that tops any other super bowl party.  It does in my book.  

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