Painting with colored shaving cream


We had so much fun with Amelie on Saturday! I came across some great ideas for sensory play and after making the sensory bin I was looking forward to trying out shaving cream for a painting project.    The little sensors must go off in her head and her

tingle her toes because when I start setting up her activities she gets fidgety.    When everything is ready for her, it is as if we are standing at the starting line of a race, and someone yells….get ready…get set…GO!  And she is off.

This was a great project outside, and would actually be just fine inside with a bed sheet laid on the floor.  Amelie collected every toy and item she could find on the patio, and needed to somehow involve it in her creative outburst, but she wasn’t quite sure how.  She got most of the colors on herself, but eventually made some progress when I directed her to the sliding glass door.  I prefer something like this because I can get just as involved and paint along side her.  Watching her expressions and gestures as she discovers, thinks and creates is priceless.

This was great  All you need is a can of shaving cream, and some colorful paints.  You can use watercolors, eco-friendly finger paints, or make your own with this homemade edible paint recipe.

Are you ready for the instructions?

  1. mix shaving cream and paint
  2. repeat if necessary
  3. enjoy!

sensory-painting-supplies purple-shavingcream-mixshaving-cream-paintpainting-outside window-painting


This makes a great project for the little ones and keeps them busy discovering textures, colors and color mixing, creativeness and fine motor skills using their fingers to paint designs.  Clean up was a cinch with a rinse in the sink and hosing down the back patio.

Here are other great ideas for sensory play or painting activities


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