10 Things About Amelie in February

  1. Amelie speaks her own language.  Full on conversations in Klingon
  2. Walks like a duck for no reason
  3. She met a boy of the same age and within 12 seconds started to take her top off.  Mayday-mayday!
  4. This month we visited the Reagan Presidential Library and walked on Air Force One
  5. tsesx c cv x      <—– Amelie
  6. She is going green.  Just from observations she has learned to pick up Diet Coke cans and put them in the recycling bin
  7. Bananas got bumped down and Apples are her favorite on the go fruit
  8. If you sneeze she will get a tissue and blow her nose
  9. Absolutely needs to go to bed with music
  10. Still uses a bottle of milk for nap and bedtime


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