Valentines Day Weekend


Happy Love Day!

This Valentine’s I was feeling the love.   And not just for myself…but for the two halves to my heart.   This year Nelson and I were especially looking forward to it.   Really its just another reason to celebrate with Amelie which is always the excuse to get festive.

I have to give hubs credit for his part in planning a lovely dinner at Geppino’s Sicilian Kitchen.   We have been trying to dine here for months and it was worth the wait!  The atmosphere is charming, cozy and you feel the kinship as it is owned and operated by an entire family.   We were treated to an evening of entertainment by a local musician and his guitar, and a heartfelt moment as the daughters stopped serving for a moment to publicly surprise their Mother with a personal gift of love an appreciation.   It definitely drew some Awwwww’s from all the patrons.  Dinner was delish!   Even better, its all a 5 minute drive from home.    Well, not before making a stop at Target to pick up goodies for Amelie’s Valentine’s basket.  Nothing like running through Target at 10pm in your date night clothes swerving down the aisle after a bottle of wine.

In the morning Amelie was thrilled with her basket.   We filled it with Pez, coloring book and jumbo crayons, heart shaped straws,  a light up baton,  box of building blocks and tulle skirt.   You know, just a few things.


Amelie used her new crayons to make a Valentines card for her Daddy, and helped him read it.  And then tried to eat it.   Its moments like these I see him in his most natural form.   It’s a glimpse of the years to come and a reminder that within the collective soul of a family,  he can still forge his own special bond with his little girl, which is unique to the two of them.  And no one else.

daddys-card daddys-valentine reading-valentine-card

Two Pedis and a Park

Nelson treated us to mani – pedis, lunch by the fountains and an afternoon at the park topped with BBq’d ribs at home with Papa.    Well done my dear, well done.  Sometimes the best entertainment is close to home, or home itself.


park-tea-cup-spinon-daddys-shoulders into-the-sunset into-the-sunset-bw

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