Making Coffee Mugs with Grampa


For Abuelo’s (Grampa) birthday I wanted to give him a moment instead of just a gift.   He is a plain and quiet fella, who enjoys the simple things in life.   Tools.  Bbqing.  Fresh oysters.  A strong cup of coffee.  Oldies like The Beatles and Eagles.   But above all, his family.    Raul is a hard working man who never complains.  He is usually busy putting in a full work week, attending night classes, and then working again through most weekends.   It makes me sad when he has to miss out on spending time with his granddaughter, but that is just the OG Salvadoran way.  Men show their love by unconditionally supporting their family.  Any means necessary.

It seemed that simply combining a few of his favorite things would make a great gift.  Coffee + Amelie.   It is one thing to buy a coffee mug that has a picture of Amelie on it, but it is 100xs better to make a coffee mug together with her so that every morning he prepares his faithful cup of coffee, he will always remember that one weekend he didn’t have anywhere to be but right here with his granddaughter.

I had a few acrylic paints and brushes left over from my recent Wine Glass Painting project and snatched up two sets of ceramic mugs from WalMart.   All that’s left is to prep the baby…which means remove all valuable clothing.   We started out choreographing the technique of getting a perfect little handprint from a fidgety 18 month old.   It took several tries.   After that we let Amelie run with it and the results were completely organic.   Id say we had just as much fun watching as Abuelo did painting with Amelie.


My Pinterest collection of DIY Coffee Mugs

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.00.42 PM

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