I truly believe that you can fall in love with someone all over again through the way that they love your child.    Watching the two of them together brings me a feeling of peace and happiness that cannot be measured, and while I watch the two of them and realize that they are both mine, well then its off the charts.

Nelson gets Amelie ready and off to day care the majority (pretty much all) of the mornings and picks her up every day.    We even alternate with her appointments.  Ill just leave it at that because I could fill this page with the things he does for and with her.   I take great pride in the care he provides for her…it just comes naturally to him.

Daddy is currently training in the challenge art of doing hair…for a toddler.  Just recently I was nearing the end of my work day, thinking about getting home to the fam when I received a text showing off Amelie’s ponytail courtesy of Miser Nelson.  I was dying.  My husband was home practicing doing her hair.    Winner!

I just have a feeling Nelson will be the father of all girls.   I can’t say how many or when.  I can just emphasize that, that is the role I see for him.   Forever.   Speaking of forever, I believe this little statement is quite fitting in regards to that term of infinite devotion.




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