Chicken Wire Picture Frame


Nailed it!  No, really.   This was such an easy an inexpensive project that can be used in any home from hanging pictures, messages, jewelry or hair accessories, notes to keepsakes.    I know I have plenty of uses for that, however this was not meant for me…it was in fact a prop for a country themed bridal shower which also doubled as a sentimental keepsake for the bride.

I started with the classic nostalgic photos of the bride and groom to be,  and had guests add pictures themselves and the bride as they arrived, which I requested beforehand in the invitations.    At the end of the shower, my bride had a beautiful collage of photos that she can now hang in her future home with her soon to be hubby.

I snagged a decent 24 x 30″ picture frame for $10 at my local thrift shop and picked up a roll of 20 gauge chicken wire and a can of Tiffany teal semi gloss spray paint from the hardware store.  Supplies done.

Now for the nitty gritty.   I trashed the glass and backing of the frame since this will not be needed at all.   Painting took all of 20 minutes to apply a couple coats before moving on to applying the wire.   I laid out the wire and stapled it to the edges of the frame with a hand held staple gun and trimmed the access with side cutters.   Some areas required  twisting to secure the ends.   Lastly, I added one last coat of spray paint over the wire.   Gloves would have been nice, but hey, I did not even require the assistance of my husband for this.  Go me.  He did however kindly buy me my own staple gun which I was very excited about because it was my first official tool.

cost of materials

24 x 30″ picture frame $5
Can of spray paint $4.99
chicken wire @ $1.50 worth
clothes pins $2


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