Two soon!

Two is coming too soon!  Time flies and my baby is turning 2 in a couple weeks.   And yes, I still call her my baby, which is quite funny when acquaintances ask me how old my baby is and I respond with 2!  I’ve been reminiscing over the past couple years and as I look back at baby pictures, my soon to be toddler now seems so far removed from her bobble head days, yet somehow just the same.   I think it is important to look back and reflect on things from the beginning of Motherhood.   My favorite is looking at pictures and remembering thoughts or questions I had at that time which now usually have answers or make a whole different kind of sense.    I think the greatest mystery to me when Amelie was a baby was simply, about what will she look like as a little person … or what is her personality going to be?   Even though we are only two years into it, I can clearly see the persona and presence she is developing.    And now that her little face and body have taken its shape I can clearly see her defining characteristics,  such as those trademark Snuffleupagus eyelashes from dad, and dimples from Mom.   Actually dimples are from daddy too, so really this guys has some pretty adorable genes.

My dear friend has a wonderful tradition that I just might have to make my own as well, where she writes her daughter (and husband) a love letter every birthday.   It is a testament of love as well as some sort of account for all the things that came about that year.   Yes, yes I definitely need to do this as well.  I absolutely love the idea.    So, with that said I think I will leave my thoughts, admiration and awe of Amelie for her birthday letter which I will publish after her birthday.     But until then I wanted to share this  sweet video of Amelie having a conversation with her Daddy at 4 months old.  (Now mind you, she is about 6 weeks old accounting for her corrected age)  I always found it astonishing looking at or touching Amelie the first two months of her life, knowing all the while she should still be in my belly and her body was still working on growing and preparing for the outside world.     Being a mother of a preemie, especially a first time mommy, is quite an experience let me tell you, but that is for another time, another blog post.    For now enjoy this little treat!

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