About Us



…to all things Amelie. My name is Sarah Brook and I am  wife to my handsome Salvi husband Nelson, and mother to our beautiful little girl Amelie Dawn.   We have been overwhelmed with the joy of being parents to this marvelous tiny being,  so much so that I had to dedicate and entire site to her, our dog and our simple, sometimes fantastic life together.  I am a working Mom and having a full time job is bittersweet.  I miss being away from our growing little girl, however I do love the independence, security, and the challenge of managing work and home (sometimes not so much).  Fortunately my profession as a graphic designer and beginning front end web designer supports my creative hobbies.   Historically I’ve always worked on creatives and projects for others, and never been given the complete freedom to design or express myself without limits, so I am excited to create something for my family – by my family.    There is so much to share, I figured, why not make the jump and begin a family blog.  I think one of the messages Id like to convey is that you don’t have to be a stay at home Mom or Martha Stewart to do this.

How We Met

Nelson and I were one of those unlikely couples.   We met in 2007 when he took a job at my family’s business, Security Door Controls.    This poor guy didnt stand a chance.  He had just moved to the area leaving his family, friends and life back in Bakersfield.  At the time he arrived in town, he had an plan go back to school and get his BA in Electrical Engineering, no matter what it took.      Im pretty sure the last thing on his mind was dating.    Oh well, so much for that.  He was a cutie.  Sweet and mysterious.  We simply began with friendly chit chat and soon started taking long walks every day..   A few months later, he asked me out, officially and well, here we are 6 years, two pets, one child and a house later.

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