Two soon!

Two is coming too soon!  Time flies and my baby is turning 2 in a couple weeks.   And yes, I still call her my baby, which is quite funny when acquaintances ask me how old my baby is and I respond with 2!  I’ve been reminiscing over the past couple years and as I look back at baby pictures, my soon to be toddler now seems so far removed from her bobble head days, yet somehow just the same.   I think it is important to look back and reflect on things from the beginning of Motherhood.   My favorite is looking at pictures and remembering thoughts or questions I had at that time which now usually have answers or make a whole different kind of sense.    I think the greatest mystery to me when Amelie was a baby was simply, about what will she look like as a little person … or what is her personality going to be?   Even though we are only two years into it, I can clearly see the persona and presence she is developing.    And now that her little face and body have taken its shape I can clearly see her defining characteristics,  such as those trademark Snuffleupagus eyelashes from dad, and dimples from Mom.   Actually dimples are from daddy too, so really this guys has some pretty adorable genes.

My dear friend has a wonderful tradition that I just might have to make my own as well, where she writes her daughter (and husband) a love letter every birthday.   It is a testament of love as well as some sort of account for all the things that came about that year.   Yes, yes I definitely need to do this as well.  I absolutely love the idea.    So, with that said I think I will leave my thoughts, admiration and awe of Amelie for her birthday letter which I will publish after her birthday.     But until then I wanted to share this  sweet video of Amelie having a conversation with her Daddy at 4 months old.  (Now mind you, she is about 6 weeks old accounting for her corrected age)  I always found it astonishing looking at or touching Amelie the first two months of her life, knowing all the while she should still be in my belly and her body was still working on growing and preparing for the outside world.     Being a mother of a preemie, especially a first time mommy, is quite an experience let me tell you, but that is for another time, another blog post.    For now enjoy this little treat!

A Sweet Mother’s Day


Ah Mother’s Day.  Still a bit strange to hear, Happy Mother’s Day.  Ive spent a lifetime on the giving end, and this marks just my second year on the receiving.  I guess third if you count the time I was pregnant.   My husband was on board this year and had made special plans.  Being the go-with-the-flow and chill-to-the-max kind of guy, that is saying something.    His plans included breakfast, a day at the zoo, dinner and a shopping treat of some sort, however all three of us were going on week two of a cold so in the end some plans didn’t make the cut.    But I still got my shopping treat!  As for the rest of his big plans, this was no disappointment to me because all I wanted was to hang out with my two favorite goobs and I got just that.  With a side of extra attention.

First and foremost, my husband let me sleep.  God love him.   He was up both Saturday and Sunday morning while I snoozed through Amelie’s morning nap and woke up to a clean living / play room.     Immediately when I woke up, these two greeted me in the hallway.   Amelie came scurrying up with a purpose.  Her arms stretched as she shoved her card at me while reaching up on her tippy toes.  It was as if she wanted me to pick her important Mother’s Day card over Daddy’s and read it.  Like right now.  In Motherhood you come across moments of surprise.  Not actual surprise, but a feeling of complete joy and excitement over something you can’t explain why.  Bewilderment.  It can be a tiny gesture, facial expression, or new word.   You find yourself amazed at how randomly these moments mean the world to you.   Like her motivation to give you a Mother’s Day card.

As for our day, we spent it at Underwood Farms in our home town.   A 5 minute drive.  I know, how spoiled are we.  This time, it was strawberry season so we were I was  pumped to pick my all time favorite fruit.  And of course pan for gold, and pet the goats as usual.

amelie-and-billy-goat amelie-billygoat amelie-brushing-goat amelie-giving-kisses poor-goat mommy-amelie-billygoat-2 cali-the-goat-sqpanning-for-gold hanging-on riding-with-amelie strawberry-fields tree-in-the-fields amelie-picking-strawberries strawberry-picking-fields innocent-face amelie-n-me tada-face waiting-for-the-gold

So that was my Mother’s Day with my daughter but it is a bitter sweet day because my Mom isn’t here for me to celebrate with her. However my day wasn’t without its serendipitous ending.   See there is this book, called Every Daughter Should Have A Book Like This, which my Mom had given to me in 2008, filled with notes, highlighted poems, and thoughts.    I keep the book on the shelf along with the rest of Amelie’s favorites, but haven’t really taken the time to read all of it just yet.  I was just about to call it a day and while getting ready for bed I stepped out of my bedroom and what do you know.   There it was.   Laying at my feet, opened up to the dedication page.

My Most precious Earth Angel Daughter, Sarah Brook…

How do I put into words the feelings, thoughts, memories, and gratitude I have for the gift of being your Mother?  From the 1st time I heard the words “you are pregnant” to this present moment you have filled my life with meaningful purpose, fulfillment, indescribable joy and thankfulness.  Your spirit continually radiates thru your eyes, smile, voice and laughter enveloping all who encounter you with your love of life and playfulness.  In this way, you are truly “my  Otter girl”!

This book may sit unread for many years – perhaps after I have completed this life on Mother Earth.  Then one day you will come across it.

When you do, visualize and remember me sitting on my couch while you slept peacefully in my bed writing these words.  KNOW how very, very much I love, admire and respect you.  KNOW how much joy & happiness you bring / brought into my life.

And above all, KNOW I am always with you & I live in you and your children!

Your Ever So Blessed Mommy xxx

Im sure a little leprechaun I live with had something to do with this.   But there is no denying my Mom’s forethought when writing this.   Happy Mother’s Day to you too Mom.  Good night.


I truly believe that you can fall in love with someone all over again through the way that they love your child.    Watching the two of them together brings me a feeling of peace and happiness that cannot be measured, and while I watch the two of them and realize that they are both mine, well then its off the charts.

Nelson gets Amelie ready and off to day care the majority (pretty much all) of the mornings and picks her up every day.    We even alternate with her appointments.  Ill just leave it at that because I could fill this page with the things he does for and with her.   I take great pride in the care he provides for her…it just comes naturally to him.

Daddy is currently training in the challenge art of doing hair…for a toddler.  Just recently I was nearing the end of my work day, thinking about getting home to the fam when I received a text showing off Amelie’s ponytail courtesy of Miser Nelson.  I was dying.  My husband was home practicing doing her hair.    Winner!

I just have a feeling Nelson will be the father of all girls.   I can’t say how many or when.  I can just emphasize that, that is the role I see for him.   Forever.   Speaking of forever, I believe this little statement is quite fitting in regards to that term of infinite devotion.




Valentines Day Weekend


Happy Love Day!

This Valentine’s I was feeling the love.   And not just for myself…but for the two halves to my heart.   This year Nelson and I were especially looking forward to it.   Really its just another reason to celebrate with Amelie which is always the excuse to get festive.

I have to give hubs credit for his part in planning a lovely dinner at Geppino’s Sicilian Kitchen.   We have been trying to dine here for months and it was worth the wait!  The atmosphere is charming, cozy and you feel the kinship as it is owned and operated by an entire family.   We were treated to an evening of entertainment by a local musician and his guitar, and a heartfelt moment as the daughters stopped serving for a moment to publicly surprise their Mother with a personal gift of love an appreciation.   It definitely drew some Awwwww’s from all the patrons.  Dinner was delish!   Even better, its all a 5 minute drive from home.    Well, not before making a stop at Target to pick up goodies for Amelie’s Valentine’s basket.  Nothing like running through Target at 10pm in your date night clothes swerving down the aisle after a bottle of wine.

In the morning Amelie was thrilled with her basket.   We filled it with Pez, coloring book and jumbo crayons, heart shaped straws,  a light up baton,  box of building blocks and tulle skirt.   You know, just a few things.


Amelie used her new crayons to make a Valentines card for her Daddy, and helped him read it.  And then tried to eat it.   Its moments like these I see him in his most natural form.   It’s a glimpse of the years to come and a reminder that within the collective soul of a family,  he can still forge his own special bond with his little girl, which is unique to the two of them.  And no one else.

daddys-card daddys-valentine reading-valentine-card

Two Pedis and a Park

Nelson treated us to mani – pedis, lunch by the fountains and an afternoon at the park topped with BBq’d ribs at home with Papa.    Well done my dear, well done.  Sometimes the best entertainment is close to home, or home itself.


park-tea-cup-spinon-daddys-shoulders into-the-sunset into-the-sunset-bw

“God told us to love our neighbors as ourselves, but so many of our neighbors are starving to death while our tables are filled with abundance.”

My younger cousin, Ashley Geringer, took a trip to Addis, Ethiopia to visit the Hope for the Hopeless organization on behalf of Ordinary Heroes who advocates for children or families in need.   She blogged about her experience which I found to be a wonderful read.  It was full compassion and a hefty dose of reality but because I couldn’t be able to explain it myself, I just suggest you read for yourself.    I was truly inspired by the message that every child needs a hero, and every hero can be one of us.

Ashley In Africa


You learn to love your partner in a whole new light through the nature in which they love your children, and in that sense you will never fall out of love.

And so with that said, I fell for him all over again when our little girl was born.  My favorite thing to do was to sit next to them and listen to their conversations.   Here is Amelie at 2 and 3 months old, however being 7 weeks premature she was just a newborn (by her corrected age) at this point.    Nelson’s favorite thing to do was sit in his  man chair and talk to his baby girl.

Thanksgiving weekend at Underwood Farms


This holiday has been wonderful.  its always exciting with Amelie and she brings new life and meaning to these special occasions.  Its as if you are living them again as a little girl watching her discover new things and tradition for the first time.    The day after turkey day, we gathered with some of my husband’s family at our home.  We took everyone to our local farm to play with the animals, climb hay, chase chickens and pick out fresh goodies for dinner.  It genuinely was a wonderful day.