Our Wedding

October 14th, 2012

My boyfriend of 5 years got down on his knee and proposed to me on New Years Eve of 2011 in front of a house full of friends and family, with Bruno Mars playing in the background.    It was a perfect evening, but I could only celebrate the festivities so much because we were also expecting!  The next 7 months flew by and we welcomed our sweet little Amelie who actually crashed the party 7 weeks early.  Mommy and baby were happy and healthy and for some reason I decided to take it up a notch and plan our wedding in the following 4 months.

I chose a small intimate venue at a local restaurant, The Secret Garden, which was jus that, a magical little garden that happily accommodated 50 of our closest family and friends.    This is about the time I discovered ETSY and my wedding was almost an ETSY commercial.    Another amazing find for good quality wedding supplies at a reasonable price was SaveOnCrafts.com and I highly recommend them for their selection, quality and customer service.    Here are some highlights of our day.

The Venue

I was happy with our location.  We were married in the heart of my hometown on historic High Street.  There are so many charming elements like the Theater On High Street, a lovely succulents garden shop, an old abandoned train station, local second hand store, tall green lamps, and weeping trees over the street.   On the weekends my husband and I can take our little one downtown, for the best breakfast you can find or shopping at the local Mom and Pop hardware store and of course reminisce of where we were married.

The Bride

Dress shopping is…interesting.  For those of you who believe or personally experienced the “Ah-ha” moment, it didn’t quite happen for me.  Keep in mind I was shopping for a dress that I needed in two months and under $1000.   I knew I wanted Ivory, and I was also open too and even hoping for Blush or Champagne colors and pockets.  If you know me, then you know that is me.     When it came down to it, I was torn between two very different dresses.  A ballgown taffeta dress with sweetheart neckline and pockets or a column (a line) soft lace Vera Wang.   I loved both and I simply could not decide and to me, there was no real winner.  So I resorted to the venue.  We were having an intimate garden wedding therefore the soft lace gown was perfect.  Done.

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