Blessed Origami Owl Locket


I love these little living lockets and I always get tons of compliments and inquiries whenever I wear mine.   Above is a little collection of some of my favorites and the “blessed” Mama” plates are ubber sweet.   They also make great gifts and I always look forward to gifting one around holidays or birthdays!  So far I have made four Origami Owl necklaces and it all started with these two lockets here.   However this particular one was a Christmas present for my sister in law which I had been planning on doing ever since she commented on mine not long before.   The most important things to her are family and faith, so that was the theme I had in mind when building it.   And with the help of her  younger siblings we came up with something that definitely represented that, while still leaving plenty of room for her to build on it.    This was the outcome:

Blessed Locket

Mommy Locket

And of course while shopping for a necklace for her, I had a chance to order myself some new pieces also.  This time I added a silver set for a change up from my current gold necklace. You can check out this post for more lockets here.



Origami Owl Necklace 1 & 2


Mommy Living Locket

I just love these!  I bought two of them at my first party, one for myself and one for my oldest friend just in time for her birthday.    However, it took me a week to settle on a design!  I only wish I caught onto Origami Owl before my Pandora spree, because those suckers are pricey.   Since my bestie and I have two little ones, I decided to design Mommy lockets.  To make mine a little different and a lot personal, I added a small photo of Amelie.


Locket 1:

  • large gold locket
  • gold rolo chain
  • vintage flower
  • gold A initial for Amelie
  • Amelie’s and my birthstones

Locket 2:

  • medium rose gold
  • rose gold ball station chain
  • silver D initial
  • mother and son birthsones