Fun With Sponge Shapes


Amelie and I have become big fans of sensory bins.   They keep her busy and seem to be more entertaining than most her other toys…and Mom loves to make them.    Speaking of keeping her entertained, one day she was simply restless and none of her bazillion toys pleased her.  After a quick trip to the store, and one purchase of soft sponges I was able to remedy that.

Sponge Bath Shapes or Sensory Bin:

1.  A dozen or more cellulose sponges
2.  Cut in assorted shapes and sizes
3.  Add to bath time, or bin/bowl with water
4.  Enjoy!

I used multiple packs of O-Cel-O Sponges in assorted sizes from $2 – $3 at Target.     I love these, they come in vibrant colors and as large as 7 inches which makes it easy to cut into any shape remain stackable.   These would work for lots of projects.  Amelie even enjoys to clean with them.


More ideas for sensory play here


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